What happens if I use Chrome?

We also have add-ons for Chrome and Opera you can download them here. (link)

What is SearchGBY?

SearchGBY provides search upgrades and tools that reduce your search time. It allows for  safer searching, by reducing the need  to click on the actual websites, this avoids pop ups and viruses. It allows you get the most info for your searches. It searches multiple search engines in real time, and automatically filters duplicates.

What are some of the new features I see?

We have added Ask and removed Yahoo since Bing and yahoo are now one company. (More search engines are being added) Fast preview design has been changed into a newer sleeker and faster design. We added an ad block feature, and a “News” feature. (See below) We added a “daily deals” widget and we have perfected “image bookmarks”

What is an “Image Bookmark”?

While viewing an image you can drag your mouse over the image and crop any part of that image and save it, so if that website ever changes its content or disappears, you will have that info saved in your bookmarks.

Can I save an image on a regular website?

Yes you can right click the logo on bottom right of browser and select “Bookmark a defined area” and it will allow you to crop and save live websites.

What is the Ad Block feature?

This allows you to stop ads that show up on the right side of the screen. (including the new widgets feature, see below).

What other features can I customize?

Right-click the little logo on the bottom right corner and select “SearchGBY options”. You can select whether you want to remove the image previews on the left, or if you want to include Bing in your search results. Unselecting all options will keep things as they were before you installed the Add-on and still allow for, fast preview, news and the other new features.

What is the “Daily Deals widget”?

This is a new feature that gives you your local deals, based on your area and based on your search term. This is an amazing feature that scours the internet on all of the daily deal sites, local sites, shopping sites, and compiles them for you in one place so you can glance at it and see exactly what specials, Group-Ons, flash sales and time sensitive offers, that are being offered in your area. The info will be based on your location, and the search term entered. The deals get updated every hour. This widget will only be shown a couple of times a day, but you can request this info by clicking on the toolbar. (You may turn this on and off by clicking the ad block feature on the toolbar)

What is the “News” feature?

We have compiled the most popular news sites for each category, news, tech, sports, and blogs. We give you a real time snapshot of all the news sites, so you can quickly glance at the headlines or see what’s trending. If you have specific websites you like to look at, you can add or remove any sites in any category, by signing up, logging in and selecting which sites to add or remove. This will be saved and you will get the selected sites under your “News” icon.

Are you adding new features?

We are constantly adding and improving, keep checking back for new versions and new updates.

If you are having technical issues please see our FAQ section