Q. What is SearchGBY?

A. We have combined live results from Google Bing and Yahoo, to show you all three at the same time, including multiple new options that take your search experience to new levels. SearchGBY, stands for Search Google, Bing, Yahoo.

Q. What are the benefits and enhancements of SearchGBY?

A. Please see some of our options and features below

Q. Can I advertise on SearchGBY?

Currently we do not accept advertising, if you are a retail site and would like to get optimum position and top results, we are working on a system that will allow for a special section for website owners looking to provide optimum customer service. Please add your email (link) here to be notified when this is available.

Q. What is a visual bookmark?

A. A visual bookmark is like a Yellow Post-It note you would stick on a bulletin board, you can not only save the image for later use, you can grab small sections of it, including quotes, and partial important parts of a page, by clicking the plus symbol, when the preview is in zoom and large mode.

Q. What is the Browser Add-On for?

A. With the Add-on you will have all features of our website embedded in Google Bing and Yahoo without leaving the page. You can also turn the service on and off without affecting any of your current search habits. It is one of the most useful tools you can use while searching.

Q. What is the filter button for?

A. It allows removing duplicate keyword search results, from multiple search engines, so if the same result appears in two sites you will only see it once.

Q. What is "Fast Preview"?

A. It has different functions for different type of searches.

  • It quickly scrolls though a preview of the home page of the search results, when searching for websites.
  • It quickly scrolls through image results, with better faster previews, allowing for more efficient image searching.
  • It allows for easier reading and browsing news results, when searching for news, by displaying all results in a readable image format, like a newspaper.
  • When searching for live updates from Twitter, it not only shows live updates but it shows the account and picture of the user updating.
  • Much more enhancements coming.

Q. What is the start symbol for?

A. It will allow you to add the site preview image to bookmarks and save the images for better filing, storing, and easier reference to refer back to in the future .

Q. What is the magnifying glass symbol?

A. this allows you to go to the actual search results website, without ever leaving the search engine. It is embedded in the page so you can quickly refer back to your results , for faster search and find.

Q. Why does the picture change while I am enlarging the preview, in zoom mode?

A. We use different image rendering for different sizes to speed up the loading, so while the image is being previewed at a smaller size, we will use a cached version of the page, when requesting a larger image, we need to get the real time results, so we actually fetch and stretch the image in real time.

Q. How recent are the home page previews?

A. Depending how much the keyword gets searched, on average all images are from the current week, unless you zoom in and enlarge, then it is in real time.

Q.Is the toolbar Add-On available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, or Chrome?

A. Yes we have plugins available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, we are currently working on Safari and Internet Explorer. Please check back soon.

Some of the benefits of SearchGBY

  • The ability to search multiple search engines at the same time.
  • The ability to filter results from all three engines, so if the same result shows up on two sites, such as both Google and Yahoo, sites you will only see it once.

  • Screenshot previews of the home page of all search results, that can be enlarged to more than just thumbnails, so you can get an actual real time, and cached version of the home page.

  • Safer searching for searches that might include, pop ups , spyware, and redirects. By using site previews, you can click ,zoom , decide, or move on.
  • IMAGE BOOKMARKS - A new concept based on the idea of copy and pasting, combined with good old yellow sticky notes that you would throw on a bulletin board. You can grab a part of the image preview, a quote, picture or any part of the image, by dragging your mouse over it and clicking the plus symbol.
  • Image previews allow you to use the fast preview for images, enhancing the way images are currently loaded and, allowing you to stretch and play with the image search results.
  • Twitter searching is enhanced, by using the "Fast Preview" button, you can not only see live updates as they happen, you can see actual accounts and pictures of users that are posting.
  • Blog searches are easier using "Fast Preview" You can scroll through multiple blogs in readable format, as if you were reading a newspaper.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback. You can see our FAQ here as well as test our Browser Add-on here